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The Kyle Report

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wait a minute there, what was the last thing again?

How successfully can you hide a dinosaur in Kyle, and hope everyone just doesn’t pay it any attention? That’s what I thought when I read the City of Kyle’s announcement about what it plans to do to prepare the possible onslaught of Tropical Storm Harvey.

Here’s how that announcement begins:

"With Tropical Storm Harvey potentially headed straight for Central Texas, the City of Kyle is mobilizing staff in preparation of severe weather including heavy rain and high winds.

"Here is a list of just some of the things Kyle is doing in anticipation of Harvey:"

Then the list appears in bulleted form:
  1. placing barricades at low water crossings,
  2. preparing communications plans,
  3. cleaning drainage culverts,
  4. draining Lake Kyle,
  5. staffing appropriately,

Whoa! Stop right there! Go back! What was that Number 4 again that you tried to sneak right by? You’re draining Lake Kyle? Like you’re actually planning on taking all the water out of this much-loved and treasured city amenity?

On reflection, I guess this sorta, kinda makes strategic sense, especially if the city does indeed get hit with what some predict could be as much as 24 inches of rain during the weekend. But I can’t help but think the city could wind up with a lot of egg on its huge face it the rains don’t come, at least not in those catastrophic amounts, and Lake Kyle Park becomes Dry Hole Park. Does the city have a plan to refill the lake in case that happens?

I dunno. It just seems a tad drastic to me, but then I’m not the one who would be held responsible in the worst case scenario. Hold on tight.

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